Unlock Ultimate Online Safety with NordVPN Security

Unlock Ultimate Online Safety with NordVPN Security

I don’t know the exact numbers, but most people under a certain age have easy or easier access to the World Wide Web. This is a good thing for gaining information and connecting with people from across the globe.

But there’s a negative side….. Oh Yes!

The Hackers and there’s a growing number of people who for some reason, want to disrupt your online enjoyment. Be it from fraudulent reasons or just for downright badness. It’s there for sure and getting worse. I was recently exposed to this when a few of my websites got hacked and my email addresses were compromised. Not a nice thing and very inconvenient!

What I had to do and it took me the best part of a day to sort out was to contact my host. They oversee my websites and domain address and confirmed there was a script placed on a few of my websites, therefore I would need to start from scratch with these websites. I also had interference with a few of my email addresses, so had to change all of the passwords.

Unlock Ultimate Online Safety with NordVPN Security

After reloading my WordPress websites with all of the backed-up data and changing the email addresses, I created a two-step verification via my mobile phone. Something I should have had in place a few years ago. This has given me more peace of mind, but I knew I needed the final piece of the jigsaw and that was a virtual private network or a VPN in place. Yes, there’s a cost involved, but it’s a necessity in today’s online marketplace.

Step forward to the standout business – NordVPN. Yes, there are other services in the online business world, but for features and functionality, there are number one in my eyes. I can now browse the internet privately ad keep my user data encrypted. Instead of having an online hacker looking over your shoulder. How creepy is that?

Nord VPN have been in the business since early 2012 and have built up an army of satisfied clients who are more than happy to pay for their excellent services and also offer a superb level of customer service. So, know matter what the time or problem is, the company are more than willing to solve your issue.

Unlock Ultimate Online Safety with NordVPN Security

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Thanks for reading my article and remember to stay safe online. ALWAYS!

Disclaimer: My article contains NordVPN affiliate links. The cost of their service costs know kore to you when you signup from any of my links above.

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