Marketing Manual

Comprehensive Marketing Manual

Welcome to the review page for my FREE and comprehensive marketing ebook which could seriously change the direction of your internet marketing campaign.

Marketing Manual

So what’s it all about then?

This is a 59 page e-book showing you the methods that I use on a daily basis to generate a full time income working from home on my laptop.

I’m certainly no marketing genius and I’ve wasted some money and time on my online journey, but the internet marketing journey is a numbers game and if you position yourself correctly in the marketplace and open up new income streams then, you have an excellent chance of making a good living working from home.

What does the marketing guide involve?

  • How to set up a free WordPress account and start earning from it right away
  • Google backlinks and how to use them effectively
  • What to look for in the Amazon marketplace and how to write effective and keyword researched blogs
  • Autoresponders and how to get an unpaid method to build your email lists for future promotions
  • Use eBay for free methods in getting new blog traffic, gain positive feedback and building an email list
  • Article marketing and what companies to use for your submissions
  • Using the free Google keyword tool effectively before every blog article you write or domain name you wish to register for
  • A superb method in increasing your conversion rate and sales with Amazon for both the UK and US affiliates programs.
  • Facebook fanpage information and how to create tons of highly ranked pages using the “notes” facility.
  • Twitter and what free method to use in order to help grow your niche related followers very quickly
  • Social bookmarking and what businesses to use for quick indexing
  • Learn how to get your blog indexed quickly using pinging and feeding services
  • Using Fiverr for micro jobs and how to effectively outsource your SEO work
  • How to gain extra visitors to your You Tube videos and channel with an old video trick
  • How to get access to a quality backlink from online businesses that allow HTML in the personal profile area
  • Unlimited email assistance


Marketing Manual

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