OPTOMA EH320USTi Projector

OPTOMA EH320USTi Projector

The EH320USTi also boasts interactive touch technology, making it an excellent choice for educational settings. Its interactive capabilities allow you to engage your audience effectively. Whether you’re teaching a class or conducting a business meeting, the projector’s touch feature facilitates collaboration and interactivity.

Brightness and Durability
With 4,000 lumens of brightness, this projector ensures that your content remains vivid even in well-lit environments. It’s suitable for both darkened home theaters and well-lit boardrooms. Additionally, the EH320USTi is built to last, thanks to its robust construction and reliable components.

Advantages of the OPTOMA EH320USTi

Enhanced Learning Experience
For educators, this projector enhances the learning experience. Its interactive features make lessons more engaging and memorable for students. You can annotate directly on the screen, fostering participation and collaboration in the classroom.

Space-Saving Design
The ultra-short throw design of the EH320USTi is a space-saving solution for any environment. You can eliminate the need for long cables and projector mounts, creating a clutter-free space. This feature is especially beneficial for small offices or home setups.

OPTOMA EH320USTi Projector

Connectivity Options
The projector offers a range of connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, and USB ports. This versatility ensures compatibility with various devices, from laptops to gaming consoles, making it a versatile addition to your multimedia setup.

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