Eastern Vogue Collections

Eastern Vogue Collections

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Fashion Accessories

From Birthday to Graduation to Christmas presents, we all have been in situations were we have no idea what gift to buy for a loved one! You end up seeing a number of things you like for that person but you just CAN’T make up your mind!! We have decided to free you of your woos and launch our new gift card scheme with a cute and stylish… wait for it… Mvintage Gift Box!!


This Gift box is amazing! Not only can you keep it yourself to store your precious Mvintage Jewellery but you can give your gift and/or gift voucher in this box as a present to your nearest and dearest! That’s not all, thanks to it’s material, this gorgeous tin box will last you for years! When you present your gift in this box or once the gift voucher is redeemed, we have designed the box in such a way that anything that is bought, is then presented in a fabulous manner!


As you might have realised, today’s post will focus on our Fantastic jewellery picks especially designed for you and your loved ones! This season spread the MVintage cheer with our fabulous pieces presented in our unique gift box which will surely make anyone receiving them feel extra special! Your loved one will scream with joy when she opens up our gift box and finds our “lovely jewelleries” waiting inside! It’s elegant design set which screams sophistication and chicness and is bound to make an outfit pop with colour!


So what is it that we need to restyle our wardrobe and give us that fashion-forward look? The answer is Fashion accessories. Today fashion accessories are the centre of attention of any outfit, they are what makes or breaks a unique style and amplify our personality!  And lets face it, today having style means a lot. Get your custom lovely fashion accessories for you and your loved ones today and I sure they will love you for it

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Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

A fashionable appearance is the calling card of today’s confident and self-assured woman. If you are searching for stylish clothing, accessories or both, Trendi Bling can answer your every fashion need.

The art of dressing stylishly has never been more important. Your wardrobe reflects your individuality and your imagination, and there is no better way to show the world that you care about yourself and your appearance than by choosing and wearing flattering and chic clothing and accessories.



The styles and variety of clothing, jewelry and accessories offered by Trendi Bling Apparel provide the au courant looks that make a statement and draw the best kind of attention. The clothing and accessories that you choose speak volumes about your taste and personality. You can even adjust your age simply by changing your outfit. With smart additions or subtractions, one outfit can take you from a meeting at the office to the dance floor.

Trendi Bling can help you find the right apparel, jewelry and accessories for all of your fashion needs. Visit the Trendi Bling website today for the latest in stylish apparel, accessories and jewelry at affordable prices.

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Divanista a growing online women’s fashion haven for the sophisticated, sexy but classy Divanista’s. This is where diva meets fashion. Our team of divanista’s search wide and hard to bring you a vast collection of high quality affordable unique Jewelry, Clothing, Handbags, Shoes & Accessories.


We don’t follow trends, we create them by providing a great collection of Stylish, Elegant & Unique fashion for the true Divanista’s. We seek out the latest styles and trends and deliver them directly to your doorstep.



Women’s Clothing

With styles and women’s clothing changing at an alarming rate, it’s always a good thing to find a great online source.


Whether you’re in the market for something different or just want to update your wardrobe, you’ll find a wide and varied selection of the following from the La Mode website.

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Handbags
  • Jewelry


Why not give yourself a new look and make a real statement about your eye for fashion and the latest trends in the marketplace?

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