Bifold Handmade Cow Leather Men’s Wallet

Bifold Handmade Cow Leather Men's Wallet

Double, trifold handmade cowhide wallet. When you pick up this handmade leather wallet, you will feel the quality and superiority of this wallet. The men’s wallet has many pockets for cards, coins, ID cards and many other functions.

The classic wallet model is made in the style of Bi fold wallet for men. Business Card Wallet has a compact size, convenient for everyday use in any conditions.

The wallet for men will serve you for a long time thanks to genuine leather, these are new models on the market of their own production, made of cowhide leather and have a lifelong ganathy

Cow leather products do not emit an unpleasant smell and are very pleasant to the touch. Because the cow’s skin is smooth, delicate and very durable. If this is your first cow leather product, you will never buy products made of another material in the future

The ratings of our products from the first customers have already shown the superiority of our products. The world’s famous Italian brands use exactly the same material for their bags.

Bifold Handmade Cow Leather Men's Wallet

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