What Type of Safety to Choose for Your Germany Home?

To preserve assets and important elements in the housing or company, nothing better than to keep them in a safe deposit box.

But the most common question they hear the Schlüsseldienst Berlin locksmiths, has to do with the type of safe that you can choose.

To decide the most appropriate in each case, there is a need to consider the need and the space in which to install the housing, so it is necessary to know the types that exist in the market today.


  • Housing Carena: are the boxes in this series which have a greater guarantee of protection, with an advanced design are manufactured with great strength. Are duly homologous and are the most demanded for commercial premises, businesses, warehouses, offices or offices. Have a system of close self-locking and electronic type combination, recommended by the locksmiths.
  • Domestic Boxes: are those that are normally used to protect small objects of value in private homes or small businesses. Can be installed in a recess of the wall in the home and are duly strengthened to withstand attacks of mechanical type and are also approved. Can be found on the market in different models and styles with greater or lesser safety according to the need.
  • Assembled Boxes: The commonly found in banks, hospitals and industries or jewelry, because they require a camera equipped for their
    installation and use. Are assembled at the place of the placement for this reason his name, with great resistance exceed the trials to which they were subjected during manufacture. They are equipped with combination mechanical and high security locks.
  • Recessed wall boxes: are specially designed for establishments of risk, such as game rooms, jewelry, etc. have wall of defense and steel plates of great thickness, installed in a special space of the wall equipped to go unnoticed in the decoration of the site. Latch is made of steel and its strength with the system of self-locking, joined the electronic combination they become impassable.
  • Recessed housings for soil: manufactured with composite structure, are strengthened in their sides and reinforced in steel, resisting perfectly mechanical attacks. You will find them equipped with combination of mechanical type and locks of different degrees of security.
  • Fireproof boxes: in any of the aforementioned types, this feature accompanies the structure and vary depending on the price. Are models that protect the internal content of the box of the damage caused by the fire, different from the most economical?

In their majority the boxes are watertight, to protect the contents of the same water. Another detail to take into account at the time of the acquisition are: hardness of the steel, classes of hinges, weight of the structure and locking system.

You can choose according to the mechanism of openness, which may be electronic, digital and mechanical. In regard to the wrenches are gorge in mechanics, but currently are more requested the double pale ton by the degree of security and its resistance to any kind of leverage.

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