Trendy Symbolic Jewelry

Trendy Symbolic Jewelry

A wonderful gift for a girlfriend, for boyfriend. The trendy beautiful bracelet has an adjustable size absolutely suitable for everyone and style.

Color: Silver/Gold
Bracelet length: 7 -8 Inches; Bracelet width: 1.50 Centimetres
Materials: Compass Charm : 1,50CM 24K GOLD PLATED, SILVER ANTIQUE 999 °
Metal – Brass ( Lead and Nickel Free) leather cords

What does compass jewelry symbolize?

Travel – The very word compass comes from the Latin com meaning together and passus meaning step or pace. Basically, compass means to step together or to travel together.

Not only is the compass used for travel but by its very definition, it means to travel. This is one reason the compass is a favorite symbol for those who love to ‘step together’.

The symbol is ideal for travelers, adventurers and free spirits, it’s also an excellent symbol to gift to a loved one.

Trendy Symbolic Jewelry

Being such a versatile symbol full of meaning, compass jewelry is perfect for almost all occasions.
Here are some ideas:
==> As a graduation gift to signify finding one’s path in life and moving in the right direction.
==> As Valentine’s day gift to a loved one, symbolizing that you will always be there for that person. It could also imply that you
would be lost without them.
==> As an anniversary gift to a partner to suggest that they are the compass of your family/life.
==> To a loved one or friend about to embark on a journey to symbolize safety and being on the right path.
==> As a wedding gift to your other half to symbolize starting a new chapter, heading in the right direction together.
==> Compass bracelets are perfect as friendship bracelets.

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