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Web Info : My name is Jennifer Nolan and I have been where you are now. Let me tell you my story… I lived a full, busy life working as a researcher in a pharmaceutical company, taught aerobics twice weekly in the evenings, volunteered at a local shelter during the weekend, and also did all the things that mothers do (2 children).

Then, 9 years ago, I went through a difficult divorce. I suffered from anxiety and depression, was not taking good care of myself, and my body got weaker…


My ex-partner suffered from this also known in certain circles as CFS or the sleeping disease. At first I thought she was doing a bit of play acting complaining regularly of being drained and wanting to lie down, but after a couple of meetings I realized that, it’s very real and whilst some doctors are still reluctant to treat it as a disease, it certainly can have a detrimental effect on your life.

Luckily now with the internet and certain GP’s willing to accept this problem, it’s common knowledge and there is now real help at hand if you know the right place to look. This particular course is an excellent guide in learning how to accept what you have, deal with specific issues which arise, move on with your life and still be able to fulfill most of what you wanted to achieve with much hassle. You also get three months coaching as part of the course to help you get the most out of every opportunity.


Web Info : I was advised to talk to a psychologist who in turn referred me to a psychiatrist. I was given a cocktail of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleeping pills…yet, I did not get better…

My sleep was still un-refreshing, I had overwhelming physical and mental exhaustion, often I’d struggle to find the right words, and I felt totally helpless. I could not concentrate or focus on anything, and I stopped going out as I had nor the energy nor the desire to socialize. I lost all motivation in life and nobody seemed to be able to help. Was I doomed to live like this the rest of my life?


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