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If you’re looking for custom and classy headphones that will give you a superb
audio experience then, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

While producing world-class headphones, BiGR Audio strives to be on the forefront of environmental consciousness through our use of renewable materials such as Bamboo, Beechwood and recycled aluminum. Continue reading

What Is My IP

This website is a free to use set of network tools. You can easily detect your IP, get complete info about IP-address via IP-whois search, test your internet connection speed, ping your host from the Internet, get IP-address location on a world map with precision up to the city lever and more.


Find e-mail message origin, check existence of e-mail address, check if some IP-address is blacklisted in SPAM databases, check your current Internet connection for vulnerabilities from network attacks, use free online antivirus and get complete information about your current Internet connection.

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Is the Long Island Medium a fake? A close Caputo friend says “Yes”

Is the Long Island Medium a fake? Our purpose is to expose the charismatic and compelling TV star Theresa Caputo as a soothsaying charlatan rather than a legitimate psychic.


We have made contact with a close family friend of the Caputos, who says Theresa Caputo is a fake. We have made their initial claims public here exclusively for the very first time. Please visit for more information.

Is the Long Island Medium a fake? A close Caputo friend says “Yes”