Sports Car Bed Review

If you’re looking for a real trendy sports car bed then, you won’t be let down with the amount of quality looking beds that are readily available. When these first became popular you had a limited choice and let me tell you they weren’t anything to write home about.

There are three categories of sport beds in my opinion.

  1. The first and least appealing is the basic car with wood and a paint chop without much in the way of cutting and painted wheels. These type can be built in minutes and cost between $80- $150
  2. The type I bought and is middle of the road is the stylish look, but not specific to any particular sports car. It has nice wood cutting, stylish with a nice paint job and wheels with the alloy look. You can get these type of beds between $250 – $400
  3. The last and most expensive option is the one’s which have all of the bells and whistles. Side skirts, back flyers, front grills, great paint job, styling stripes and LED wheels. These beds usually come in at between $800 – $1500

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