Soy Candles Without Harsh Fumes

Soy Candles Without Harsh Fumes

If you’re looking for the latest details about soy candles without harsh fumes then, you’ve certainly arrived at the correct place.

TW Home Essentials caters to the candle enthusiast. Those who burn not only for the aroma but for the beauty of the flickering flame, which only candles can produce. TW Home Essentials candles will turn your house into a home.

Rich, sensuous, inviting, and comforting scents can make your guests feel welcome, create a personal relaxing retreat, bring back memories of times gone by or make a romantic evening unforgettable. Our small 4 oz jar soy candles work well in your office or powder room.

Our candles are handmade, hand-poured, made from the finest quality ingredients. We use 100% soybean wax, NO paraffin, and all cotton wicks, the most unique fragrances. If you love a lightly scented candle that lasts and fills your home with a wonderful fragrance, you have come to the right place! If soy candles have ever disappointed you, give us a try. You will be glad you did.

Soy Candles Without Harsh Fumes

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