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Concrete is used for everything from sidewalks and patios to driveways and shed pads. It is versatile, weatherproof, and inexpensive to use. It is also one of the easiest building materials to work with.


When it comes to choosing and installing a sidewalk, patio or any pad yourself, concrete offers a number of advantages. The concrete has a smooth, even surface which is more suitable for wheeled vehicles such as lawnmowers and bicycles. You can use it to create a family entertainment center, build a patio, or provide a hard and durable floor that will last a lifetime for a garden shed or hot tub.

Here are tips and instructions on working with concrete. Following them can save you time and effort. It can also help you end up with a neater, more satisfactory installation and with far less waste.


There’s more to concrete than just pouring it out and watching it harden. Here’s what you need to know to shape and smooth fresh concrete into an attractive, long-lasting surface. The EZ Way Concrete Method shows you how to form and pour a new concrete sidewalk or small to medium size patio or pad; the perfect first concrete project for the beginner. Replace that ugly, cracked walk with a flat, smooth new one. We show you how to build forms and then place and smooth the wet concrete, all with first class results. And you save big money too. Get complete D-I-Y concrete sidewalk or patio instructions here. From preparing the ground to maintenance, learn what to do and what to watch out for. .

With this handy step-by-step How to Instructions you can complete your own concrete laying project in no time. There’s no need to hide behind the excuse that you’ve never concreted before.

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