Pillow For Ear Pain

My name is Judy and I am based in the United Kingdom and make pillows and pillowcases with a hole to order for customers anywhere in the world.


I’ve designed all of the pillows myself and as a fellow side sleeper and sufferer of ear pain I can empathise with every one of you. I know with confidence that my pillows work. They give relief from chronic ear pain and sore ears, and they quicken the healing process after surgery.

The hole is ear sized and surrounds the sensitive area comfortably. There is no pressure on your ear at all.


My Pillow With A Hole has been successful in alleviating pain for a number of conditions, and I have many grateful customers sending thank you notes.

Each individual Pillow With A Hole is both hand and machine sewn. The same with my Pillowcase With a Hole.

Wishing all my existing customers and customers to be, a peaceful nights sleep

Sweet dreams.

J x

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