PH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

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This is a brief review of the PH Restore alkaline water pitcher and what it can do for you both in terms of your psychical and mental health.

Most water filters are good and I won’t go in to details about other brands and how they fall short. I stick strictly with this excellent product and the differences it should make for you and how you feel.


  • Beautiful Drinking Water
  • Seven Stage Filtration
  • Great For Your Wellness
  • Each Fit Filters
  • Brilliant For Body Detox


  • Reservoir Could Be Smaller
  • Lid Could Fit Better

There are two sizes of water pitcher – a 2.5l and 3.5l and both slot nicely inside most fridge doors. The uniqueness with this item is that, there’s a seven stage filtration process for the water to go through from the point it leaves the tap until in enters the bottom of the water pitcher.

This whole filtration facility takes away all of the contaminants in the water including lead, magnesium, chlorine and fluoride in certain areas leaving you with beautiful drinking water the way it was meant to taste 🙂

My only regret is not buying one of these products earlier and having to suffer the unpleasantness of drinking tap water for years.

The cost of this is between $50 and $70 depending on what size of pitcher you opt for and you get two filters with it. If you have a large family then it’s better to set the timer to either 30 or 35 days at the top of the lid, but if you have a smaller family then, 60 or even 70 days would be suitable and you’ll get better value for money. The replacement filters come as a pack of 3 and cost around $30 – $40, so the annual cost would be about $120 – $160 in filters which is still fair cheaper than buying bottle water and is also better for you.

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