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If you’re looking for top quality Morken Barware Moscow mule mugs then, you’ve certainly come the right place.

How We Made the Perfect Moscow Mule Mug
We’ve all bought something online only to be disappointed when it doesn’t match up to our expectations when we open the box. This experience led Morken Barware to create, what we truly believe to be, the perfect Moscow Mule Mug.

Half-Pound in Weight: You can feel quality. At Morken, we wanted our customers to know they were holding a quality mug. Our mugs weigh 50% more and cost 2 or 3 times more to manufacture than the average mug because we use nearly twice the copper in our manufacturing process.

All Copper Construction: From the beginning a Moscow Mule Mug was made from copper and nothing else. At Morken, we choose to keep with that tradition and use copper and nothing but copper in the construction of Moscow Mule Mugs. Many other mugs are lined with nickel and stainless steel or are merely copper-coated.

Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs image

100% Pure Copper: We use only the highest quality copper in our mugs. Morken mugs are more of a rose or red copper than a brassy yellow copper. Using pure copper, along with the expert craftsmanship of the artisans, give Morken Moscow Mule Mugs a brilliant shine.

Welded Copper Handle: In keeping with the tradition of the Moscow Mule, Morken mugs only use copper handles. The handles are applied with a weld instead of rivets to avoid the dirt and leaks that can come with riveted handles.

Beveled Base: We’ve settled on a beveled base for our mugs to minimize the surface area of the mug that comes into contact with a table. This reduces the heat that transfers to the mug and keeps your drink ice cold longer.

22-Gauge Thick Copper Sheet: Our mugs start as a single sheet of thick 22-gauge copper. The thick gauge copper provides a solid construction that is nearly impossible to dent from everyday use. With proper care Morken mugs will a lifetime.

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