Moldavite Cley Crop Circle

Moldavite Cley Crop Circle

If you’re looking for the latest details about Moldavite Cley Crop Circle then, hopefully the following details can give you a clearer picture.

The crop circles are fractal formulas of light encoded into the third dimension as tools for ascension.

It can activate the cosmic and soul DNA as well as the physical DNA and expand the brain’s neurosynapses, this expansion includes the clearing of old negative thought patterns, and expanding your consciousness.

Crop circles are geometric and mathematical fractal patterns of creation.

Allow yourself to take this information on a cellular level. Experience it, emanate it, vibrate with it.

Activate the divine potential creative consciousness within humanity’s collective consciousness.

The collective mind is a powerful force that forms the dream field within the third-dimensional reality.

The effect of engaging in this process will make quantum evolutionary leaps in the collective mind of the planet.

Each person who possesses one of these crop circles will be assisting in the evolutionary process of the collective mind-heart.

Moldavite Cley Crop Circle

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