Microwave Heated Slippers

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So what are microwave heated slippers?

Cozy Toze Microwave Heated Slippers are a stylish, comfortable solution for those who suffer from cold feet! People the world over have found our slippers a great help with ailments such as Raynauds or Arthritis or those whose feet just need a little help warming up.

No wheat germ, Cozy Toze slippers use a heated silicone insole which means you can continue with your work whilst enjoying the luxury of warm feet.

To appreciate a new level of comfort and warmth you simply heat the slipper insole for less than a minute in your microwave. When heated, the slippers will give an hour of toasty toes. What’s more – they can be used over and over without affecting results.

Microwave Heated Slippers image

Cozy Toze Microwave Slippers are unique in that you only heat the silicone rubber insole – not the entire slipper. Much more hygienic we feel!

Not suitable for diabetics or people who suffer from neuropathy or reduced sensitivity

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