LooK Watch, The Smartwatch for You

LooK Watch - First IoT Integrated Standalone Smartwatch image

It is a Phone with Innovated Software. LooK Watch is a unique Standalone Smartwatch and the first ever to be connected to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

The design concept of LooK Watch started three years ago. We built a complete innovative smart watch using our 18 years of expertise in GPS technologies and IoT product development. This smart watch provides you with safety and a peace of mind. You can make and receive all phone calls from the LooK Watch itself without being paired to your cellphone. It has cellular connectivity worldwide, WiFi, Bluetooth, and it is unlocked. Through our LocationNow IoT platform you can locate your LooK Watch and more. Feel secure with its integrated SOS button, GPS features, fall detection and response system, maps, fitness and health trackers, breadcrumb trails, customize geofences, and more. LooK Watch is Bluetooth compatible with Android and iOS. Download apps through Google Play Store. Even more exceptional features are included in the LooK Smartwatch.

LooK Watch - First IoT Integrated Standalone Smartwatch image

LooK Watch is also unlocked! Feel free to choose any Nano SIM card provider and cellular plan of your choice. Laipac also offers Nano SIM for USA and Canada.

LooK Watch – First IoT Integrated Standalone Smartwatch

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