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In this article I will be reviewing

Treasure of the Scholars is a authentic islamic blog which provides quotes and sayings
from the scholars of islam.


The main target audience are students of knowledge who are studying the quran and sunnah, respected ulema and the main muslim majority. This website can provide them more insight to their knowledge and give them reminders about certain topics.

Personally I found this website to be very beneficial to look around, I didn’t know just
by quotes you can learn so many things! If you want to look at a quote from a specific
scholar there are categories laid out. The website is very easy to navigate around, I like
the simplicity.


I love the fact there are quotes everyday, if you sign up to the email list it will
inform you when a new quote is published. I check the website everyday and always keep
learning alhamdulilah.

May Allah reward the owner of this website, I look forward to all the future updates.

Your brother,
Ayaan Ahmed

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