House Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning services, Maids by Trade exceeds all expectations. The company is based in beautiful Portland Oregon. Recently, the company open its newest territory in the United States. The new franchise is located in Tucson Arizona just one hundred plus miles south of the famous Phoenix. Meet Celia, the business owner in Tucson.

What’s great about Maids by Trade is the fact that the company offers a large database of cleaning tips, cleaning facts and other information around the house cleaning industry. The brand aims at establishing the local office as a solid and reputable business. So far, the company has managed obtaining a great reputation for its services; just like the main office in Portland Oregon, where the company enjoys the title as “The Most Reviewed Cleaning Service in the Pacific Northwest.

See it for yourself and visit Maids by Trade of Tucson, the company that was built on a spotless reputation.

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