Home Decor

Home Decor

✅ If you’re looking for the latest details about home decor then, hopefully the following details can give you a clearer picture. ✅

Beautiful block printed curtains in a summery dandelion yellow. If you are unfamiliar with the term blockprinting, it is a traditional way of printing designs onto fabric using a hand carved design that is then stamped onto the fabric very methodically with natural dye, mud, or paint.

This technique dates back thousands of years and is used widely in East Asia originating in China. This textile was designed by myself and the product was handmade in India.

They are full length 36”x84” long and come in a set of two. These curtains are made of cotton, are ethically sourced, naturally dyed and eco friendly. 🌞✨perfect for brightening any room ✨

Home Decor

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