Handmade African Clothes

Handmade African Clothes

Features a large online selection of African carvings, masks, baskets, textiles, bead work, artifacts, trade beads, and jewelry.

African office clothes and shoes, formal and dinner clothing, casual clothes and shoes for women, men, children, and pets.

Offering the finest in hand-carved stone art and jewelry created by African artists.

Fair trade company that works directly with artisans in Africa.

Buy unique African gifts (Fair Trade).

Exquisite beaded leather work for people and their pets.

The company produces unique hand-painted textiles in the heart of the African bush in Nigeria.

Their textiles mix traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning Nigerian wildlife and surroundings.

Several pieces are drawn and painted by local Nigerian men and women in a rich palette of hand-mixed colours, providing jobs in an area where employment is scarce.

100% pure organic African Shea butter body cream, lotion, hair cream, and soap. Uses the profits of its Shea butter sales to establish a channel of micro-aid to small, impoverished communities in Western Africa.

Handmade African Clothes

African designs made in Africa by Africans. With love from Africa to the world!

A large supplier of African products with worldwide door-to-door delivery.

Supplies wholesale customers with various products including African clothing, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, shea butter, oils, soaps, and personal care products.

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