Find Your Low Cost Intercity Ride

EmptyRide platform is a brand new travel service operating in the licensed private hire/chauffeur car market. It aims to fix and eliminate the problem of empty leg vehicle journeys and democratize the current market of booking private hire rides.

When drivers take customers on intercity trips, to airports and generally when travelling over longer distances, either the outward bound leg or return leg to their home base is often without a customer (‘empty leg’). The empty leg is often associated with wasted costs for the driver/private hire company in fuel and road tax without earning revenue from the empty leg.

Our platform connects drivers with potential customers so that drivers can maximize their trip revenues, and customers can find intercity rides within their budgets, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Find Your Low Cost Intercity Ride

Through our platform, customers can request an intercity ride by creating a Customer Ride to try and find a low-cost empty leg trip that matches their travel requirements and budget. Similarly, drivers can market their empty leg trip to potential customers at rates that they set by creating a Driver Ride.

Our platform will automatically match any Customer Ride with a corresponding Driver Ride, which the drivers can then accept or reject. Drivers also have the ability to browse the EmptyRide platform for Customer Rides created by potential customers and choose to either accept or reject these.

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