Dainty Personalized Bracelet

Dainty Personalized Bracelet

How to find a cool unique gift for your loved ones? This dainty personalized bracelet will look great on the hand of your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, friends, and a great gift for a party. This bracelet comes with a gift card which makes it a presentable!

You buy this bracelet made from high-quality materials and at a very low cost! 100% Handmade Bracelet.

Color: Gold, Silver- Charm, Polyester Cords – Red, Black, Blue, and many other colors.

SIZE: Bracelet length: 7inch- opens until – 9inch, (16cm -22cm) Adjustable length.
These bracelets are made of very durable and high-quality materials!

Dainty Personalized Bracelet

What does a puzzle symbolize?
These two puzzles which mean two halves of one whole!
Aristotle: Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

The puzzle bracelet is perfect for almost all occasions.
Here are some ideas :
==> Bridesmaid Gift.
==> Friendship Day.
==> Birthday Gift.
==> Valentines Day.
==> Anniversary gifts for boyfriend, girlfriend.
==> World Autism Awareness Day. It can also be a unique gift for mothers with Autistic children.

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