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A Token For the People! People who know that talk is cheap and hard work is powerful! CRYPTO JOB MARKET – ICO LABOR POOL-SELF FUNDING CHARITY.

We get people jobs! We offer freelancers a place to showcase their skill-sets for little to no cost. We help ICO’s build teams. These services fund our charitable marketplace.

ALMBank is breaking the mold between profit & non-profit to create a business that pays people to create value in others’ lives. We are a self-funding, small-scale societal aid. We’re the platform that allows people to expand their skill sets as humans – not just as digits.

Services will include:

1 Cutting edge job marketplace for cryptopians. Think Upwork meets LinkedIn but with less fees. A barter system with instant transactions. Our tokens will be redeemable for hours worked.

2 A way to hire the industry’s best people for your new idea, ICO or concept. Hire people for reasonable, one-time fees and get them working same day. Our platform will have immense depth for working crypto professionals.

3 The ability to work on user-submitted charitable projects that are paid for by our for-profit system.

4 Create ways for crypto communities to build big dream projects, through community up voting. Voting will ensure that solid projects rise to the top, as only working members can vote.

5 For long-term visions, we will have a member- supported community dream project board, where our charity fund can support one big dream project per year.

Crypto Job Market image

ALMBank is built on the principals of a free market meritocracy. Think GoFundMe-meets-Kickstarter- meets-Craigslist

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