Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

If you’re looking for the latest details about coffee lovers then, hopefully the following details can give you a clearer picture of what you’re looking for.

The Eden Project has launched a unique range of home compostable coffee capsules that directly addresses the problem of waste plastic.

The disposal of used coffee capsules – often made with a mixture of plastic and aluminium – is a huge and growing problem for the environment.

☕ The new capsules reduce the problem as they break down into simple raw materials in a domestic compost heap in a matter of weeks. ☕

With the new technology, users no longer need to peel off the foil, empty the coffee and sort the components into separate recycling bins.

The Eden Project capsules can just be added to a composting bin, compost heap or food recycling bin.

The packaging for the capsules is made from card and printed using vegetable-based inks which can be recycled. This means that 100% of the product is compostable or recyclable.

☕ Tracey Smith, Commercial Manager for the Eden Project, said: “At Eden we are always searching for sustainable solutions and looking to reduce waste. These fully compostable capsules allow coffee lovers to enjoy delicious ethically-sourced coffees without creating additional plastic waste”. ☕

The range consists of four distinctive organically grown coffees – Colombian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican and Italian Espresso Decaffeinated.

Coffee Lovers

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