Certified Translations in London

Certified Translations in London

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We are the Bohemia Twist company based in West Hampstead introducing and offering our translation services. Formal and official documents as certificates of birth, death or naturalisation are subject to official authentication by the relevant authorities. However, such documents are recognised in their country of origin only and need to be officially translated for any applications abroad, while the certified (also identified as sworn)Certified Translations in London translation involves certain essentials.

The Bohemia Twist company benefits from full authority to perform such certified translation to cater for any judgements, decisions and resolutions applicable to both individual or corporations with the appropriate particulars of certified translations. Each translation is provided with the so called ‘round seal’ to facilitate its official validity in the desired destination.

Our range reaches further beyond the domain of regular birth or death certificates. The same procedureCertified Translations in London applies to translations of marriage certificates, education certificates, diplomas and degrees, power of attorney or criminal records checks that are often required during recruitment processes to vouch for applicant’s impeccability. There may be even occasions that require fundamental attention to special terminology, as in medical reports, our office is able to guarantee.

Certified Translations in London

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