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Informal Wedding

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Bangkok Tailor

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Tobacco Cravings

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Amazing Dolphin Pictures

In this book you’ll discover an exciting adventure as you browse through the 100 awesome photos of dolphins. After a brief informational introduction you will be in awe with these crisp and clear images. Although most of the mammals in the pictures are bottlenose dolphins, there are a few cool photos of wild orcas.


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Find A Tax Professional

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The process of globalization results originally from the development of the world’s financial system and the economy of exchange rates. Globalization lives with us at every step of our lives. Cellphones, computers, restaurants, books, movies – all these are afftected by it. Globalization allows us to integrate with other people, makes it easier for us to communicate, and contributes to the reduction of hostility among nations.


Today, there are reasons that may be causing disruption and difficulties in the processes of globalization. It affects the relationship between civilizations, the sovereignty of states, and may cause poverty and marginalization in some countries or regions.

These are the major reasons that have nothing to do with nationalism and parochialism in their vision of the world and society approach to their own development. They hide in their fundamental interests of the peoples, societies and states.

Globalization increasingly characterizes the world today and it seems that there is no turning back from it. A powerful driver of globalization is the unification of consumption patterns, lifestyles and technology in a global scale. Two units (producer and consumer) voluntarily decide to cooperate. Both benefit by entering into this agreement, but one side is gaining monetary advantage. The manufacturer gets the money for the goods produced.

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