For children we offer free videos and efficient learning materials that use humor as an appeal.

Also available are articles and activities that connect real life experiences with real life successes.


Jeanine McGregor (a.k.a. Ms. Mac) is an award winning educator, speaker, and author. For more than three decades Ms. Mac has been using researched based strategies to help children learn at unbelievably accelerated rates.

As a teacher, school director, and parent, the children under her instruction have consistently been able to master academic skills considered years beyond their ability by conventional standards. She continues to write books and make resources to change children’s lives for the better. Also currently working as an educational consultant, she is coming alongside parents, teachers, and schools for the educational advancement of children across the United States.


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Thank you for all you do to help me help children.
Ms. Mac

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About Ducere (www.ducere.edu.au)
Ducere is an Australian based Education provider that operates across the world with a vision to transform the education landscape. There are 2 distinct parts to Ducere, the first is the commercial arm which delivers formal, innovative, world-leading high quality business and management qualifications based on the expertise of a Global Faculty of successful and inspiring world leaders and mentors. These include former Presidents and Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, entrepreneurs, professors from eminent Universities and CEO’s. These qualifications range from diplomas through to MBAs.

The second part is the Ducere Foundation which is the not-for-profit entity fully funded by the commercial part of Ducere described above. The foundation operates in partnership with African governments, major universities, philanthropic leaders and major businesses to promote education to children in different parts of Africa including Botswana and Zambia. Ducere believes the only way to abolish extreme poverty in Africa is to empower its greatest asset: its population, through education.



Ducere is a Latin word that means “to lead” and supports perfectly our mission; to empower people across the world with state-of-the-art education based on successful world leaders expertise and insights to lead their lives in the most fruitful way. Ducere strives to make high quality education available to all and not just to privileged people.

What differentiates Ducere from any other Education provider

What is revolutionary about Ducere is its Global Faculty of world leaders providing their knowledge and experience to the Ducere students through interactive real world case studies, but also its self funded foundation promoting education throughout Africa and improving lives of thousands of children every year.

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