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Zen Protocol

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One of the best books ever written in my opion is by Robert Pirsig’s entitled Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. Even after several rereads and three decades, the words remain clear, coherent and relevant in the present time.

Essentially the book talks of madness and how motorcycle road trips can clear the mind and bring intelligent people back Continue reading

Blockchain Wallet Api

The world’s fastest and most secure HyBrid wallet, ZuPago Hybrid (HD) Wallet is quickly gaining steam in markets around the world. Favored by businesses for its reliability and by individuals for its convenience, ZuPago Hybrid (HD) Wallet makes it simple for you to transfer currencies such as Bitcoin, GBP, USD, and EUR.

You can send funds to and receive funds from other ZuPago members and even non-members too. The future of currency transfers is here, and ZuPago is leading the charge forward. Leave outmoded technology behind: this is where your financial life really begins.

Bitcoin Best Hybrid Wallet