Candy Crush Saga Hack

Candy Crush Saga Hack

Mid-2014 saw a remodeled version, titled Candy Crush Soda Saga introduced to the gaming platform, infused with an aggressive agenda and new gameplay. For instance, soda bottles that defy gravity and the like.

The game was discharged worldwide in October the same year through Facebook as well as portable application in Android and iOS devices a month later. The game was also made accessible to the Windows platform a year later. By October 2016, Candy Crush Soda Saga boasts of over 1100 levels, and the bulk don’t seem to stop there.

Another version was released in September 2015, titled Candy Crush Jelly Saga which was propelled delicately for the Android platform and was discharged globally in January 2016. Initially, the Candy Crush Jelly Saga was not made accessible on Facebook, unlike past titles, however, as of May 2016, the game is presently available as a game application.

Another spinoff, the Pepper Panic Saga was released which also boasts millions of downloads and enthusiasts. These games have also won awards.

Basics of Candy Crush Saga
Most people know and understand how candy crush gameplay is. Candy crush saga gameplay simply involves switching adjacent candies either horizontally or vertically to match three pieces of candy that are alike. Matching three candies of the same color makes them disappear. Your aim here should be matching candies to clear the board/level. Furthermore, there are special combinations that will make the gameplay relatively easy. These different combinations include:

  • Striped + Striped Candy Special Combo
    This special candy combo is the easiest to discover. Matching a striped special candy with another striped special candy activates them both. One candy will clear a vertical column and the other will clear a horizontal row.
  • Striped + Wrapped Candy Special Combo
    Matching a striped candy with a wrapped candy, clears three rows and three columns. It creates a giant plus sign, similar with two stripped candies only 3x bigger. This combo allows you to clear a significantly huge area of the board.
  • Striped + Color Bomb Candy Special Combo
    A striped candy and a color bomb combo, ensures the color of the candy stripped, gets stripped and activates autonomously clearing the board significantly.
  • Wrapped + Wrapped Candy Special Combo
    This special combo doesn’t create a big effect, however, a total of 16 surrounding squares are cleared.
  • Wrapped + Color Bomb Candy Special Combo
    The wrapped + color bomb combo, unfortunately, is the least effective. Matching these, enables all the jellies of the same color as the wrapped candy to be cleared and another random colored jelly will also be cleared.
  • Color Bomb + Color Bomb Candy Special Combo
    The best and by far the most powerful special combination in the candy crush saga is the color bomb + color bomb candy combo. Matching two color bombs clears your entire board of candies. Albeit, this is also by far the hardest combo to achieve.
    Candy Crush Saga Ratings
    Candy Crash has some pretty amazing ratings; this can be attributed to its millions of users out there.
  • In Google Play, it ranks 4.3/5
  • In iOS Store, the game ranks 4.6/5
  • At, candy crush saga received a solid 5/5

Therefore, the primary aim of this article is to provide Candy Crush Saga Hack and cheats, as well as developer hints to maximize your gameplay and advance at a fast rate. It should be noted that while some people love to play the game without cheats and hacks, other live through them. Different opportunities and gameplay styles are introduced when a hack or cheat is activated in a game and candy crush are not devoid of such. So, without much ado, let us get down to business.

Standard Candy Crush Saga Set: Lives, Booster, and Gems
As mentioned earlier, in-app purchases provide a revenue stream for the game developer, King. One can purchase augments through credit cards, iTunes or Google Play credits. But, why do we need to purchase said augments? Well, most players start the game with five “lives,” which when you fail to complete a level, the “lives” are chipped away.

A majority of King titles share this feature, and once the “lives” are lost, players are given the opportunity to send requests for more lives from their Facebook companions or can sit tight for these lives to recharge autonomously every two and a half hours. However, another way exists, purchasing new lives, at the beginning for a dollar, players could purchase five new lives. Presently, instead of five lives, you get gold bars.

The number of augments received entirely depends on how much money you pay, there are considerable packs to select from. The gold bars currently being issued act like credits, which can be redeemed for new lives, boosters, additional moves, or even to open another episode without completing the last.

At the beginning of new episodes, players should buy or request from at least three companions before they can get to the next levels. Boosters, another augmentation that makes levels less demanding and tough, can be purchased as portions of application purchases.

While candy crush saga and related trademarks incorporate freemium content, 97.7% of players are free players while 2.3% of players go premium.
Hints for the Casual Gamer to Score more Points.

Don’t get the idea that I am not a classic gamer, sometimes the challenges offered by games are worth without candy crush saga cheats, here are some hints for you to exploit.

1.Try to always crush the candies from the bottom. As you crush them from the bottom, there is a slight chance of a cascade effect happening that will grant you a free life or even possibly finish the level much faster than anticipated. Crushing candies from the bottom is always better than from the top.
2.Take note of the candies in the edges. As you may have discovered, these candies are the hardest to crush. If unable to and time is running out or don’t have enough moves, you can elicit the help of a lollipop hammer.
3.Always strive for the best possible combinations as mentioned earlier to score huge points. Best combos have the potential for an easier gameplay by yielding special candies, i.e., stripped, wrapped or color bomb candy.
4.Match four or five candies from the beginning of the game to get a high score and three stars as well.
5.Combine Special Candies with maximum screen-clearing effects. Special combos include stripped + color bomb, stripped + wrapped, or two color bombs.
6.Get the maximum out of the scores in your first half of the total moves. Bear in mind the limited number of moves.
7.You can increase the number of lives by three to Eight when you purchase the Charms Package: Charm of Life at $16.99.
8.Fully utilize the Power of Boosters allocated freely. Maximize their potential by looking for combinations as mentioned above.
Developers Hints

The game developers, King, also have some of their hints to share for maximum gaming effects.

i.Match five same-colored candies in a row to create a Color Bomb. Use this color bomb in combinations to achieve maximum effects.
ii.Any number of moves remaining at the end of the level or special candy goes towards bumping up your total score at the end. What a great way to achieve a high score and also three stars.
iii.Every half an hour would grant you a new life if you were previously at zero lives. An ingenious trick to get unlimited lives every two or three hours.
iv.You don’t require an internet connection or even log onto Facebook to play the game. Internet connection is only required to update the levels and unlock new chapters.
v.Charms are permanent. Therefore, they might be costly, but there is a neat trick to get charms without money that I’ll show in a jiff.
vi.Boosters are the ideal items to get you out of a tricky level. Select the appropriate boosters, and you are good to go, even on the hard levels. Furthermore, boosters are cheaper than charms to purchase.
Candy Crush Saga Hack: Unlimited Lives, Boosters, and Moves

In sincerity, I never have fallen in love with the game that much, despite the incessant pleas and demands to do so. However, I am aware of the popularity of the game and more so, the hack and cheats it presents us with.

If you are a huge fan, you may want to read on an discover the hidden perks and would want to use them to your advantage to beat those hard levels and even get three stars on them.
Features of Candy Crush Saga Hacks
Features of some of the candy crush saga hacks include:

  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Moves
  • Infinite lollipop hammer
  • Application of every additional booster
  • Free Boosters
  • Cheats codes for the game
  • Infinite wrapped & striped booster
  • Infinite coconut wheel.

Candy Crush Saga Hack

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