Beating Cancer

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Do you want to find out how you can beat cancer and have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life?

Well you’ve certainly come to the right place with regards to that and you can enjoy this well-written book by the author available both in digital form or paperback. She has first hand experience of breast cancer and not once or even twice, but three times!

Lyn Cikara’s experiences as a 3-time survivor of serious metastatic breast cancer, showed her that she could be stronger than cancer. In her book, Stronger than Cancer Lyn Cikara teaches readers how to go from being trapped in the stunned silence of shock and disbelief to beat the odds and to thrive after their diagnosis.

Beating Cancer image

Through stories of remarkable people and by sharing her own learning, Lyn offers practical ways for readers to get their minds back become stronger again after a cancer diagnosis.

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