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Hello my name is Mark Boyle and live in the north east of England. I’ve been involved in internet marketing and basic HTML web design since 2008 and the rewards and satisfaction are second to none. It’s by accident that I got involved in this business, purely because I wanted to escape from being an independent online trader for two reasons. Firstly it just didn’t suite my personality and secondly and more importantly, my trading account started to go southwards and I soon realised I didn’t have the stomach to face those shark infested waters!

So how did I make the switch? Thankfully, I came across a guy called Jon Street who did a monthly publication called the “Income Detective” which I subscribed to and it was a monthly leaflet sent to your home address. This was a game-changer and I knew this kind of approach suited my personality and if I stuck with the recommended procedure and required discipline I could make it work.

The tools I learnt from this publication were useful like how to build a basic website, how to get a domain name and set up hosting, how to use an autoresponder to build an email list, how to write your own eBooks, publish and then sell them and what niche areas to promote and why. Now, some of these approaches are old rope now, but back in 2008 they were more relevant than they are today and it got the ball rolling for me. I fondly remember the first website I built in 2009 called Sport Methods using an old version of Microsoft Frontpage. The excitement and sense of achievement was good and even although the site was quite ugly, I still managed to get a few affiliate sales from it.

The one thing I did do was to take action, as I realised that time just passes you by and if I wanted to escape the clutches of being another employee of a business then, now was the time to do it 🙂 Yes, I’ve wasted time, money and made mistakes, but this is part of the learning curve and if you’re not willing to learn or can’t admit when you’re wrong then, this is the wrong business for you.

Anyone who’s totally honest with you will tell you that it does take time to get to know what you like doing in this field, how much time you’re willing to give yourself to try and succeed, how many hours per day/week you’re going to devote to your online business and how much investment in tools and information you’re prepared to spend. These are factors that will determine your success in this niche and if you’re still plugging away after 12 months then, you have a good chance of making a living working from home 🙂

All the best with your online endeavours.

Mark Boyle

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