Gone Fishin Game Review

This isn’t a play with words but fishin is quite correct as part of the title and not fishing. This is a game for all ages in opinion and can offer the family hours of entertainment, although the downside (if there is one) is that, it can only be played by 2 players at a time for obvious reasons.

My 3 year old boy keeps asking to play it and that’s nearly every day and five weeks after we bought him the game. So far so good you might think πŸ™‚ I just hope he’ll be still asking to play the game six months or even a year from now and it won’t become another dust collector?

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Barbecue Party Game Review

There are many decent toys and board games in the marketplace , but how many offer real value it terms of what they offer you and your children? The barbecue party game I feel should be mentioned in a positive light. My only concern is that my boy may eventually tire of the game and it will end up collecting dust on the shelve πŸ™

We’ve been playing this nearly ever day for the last five weeks and it just continues to give us hours of fun. We tend to play it for 1 to 2 hours at a time and I feel that is long enough for this type of game as each competition only lass for about 5 minutes, so 12+ games of it is long enough in my opinion.

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