Sports Car Bed Review

If you’re looking for a real trendy sports car bed then, you won’t be let down with the amount of quality looking beds that are readily available. When these first became popular you had a limited choice and let me tell you they weren’t anything to write home about.

There are three categories of sport beds in my opinion.

  1. The first and least appealing is the basic car with wood and a paint chop without much in the way of cutting and painted wheels. These type can be built in minutes and cost between $80- $150
  2. The type I bought and is middle of the road is the stylish look, but not specific to any particular sports car. It has nice wood cutting, stylish with a nice paint job and wheels with the alloy look. You can get these type of beds between $250 – $400
  3. The last and most expensive option is the one’s which have all of the bells and whistles. Side skirts, back flyers, front grills, great paint job, styling stripes and LED wheels. These beds usually come in at between $800 – $1500

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Kidizoom Duo Camera Review

If your child is serious about getting a stylish camera then, they won’t go far wrong with this excellent and multi-functional Kidizoom do camera in blue. It’s has lots of things to brag about and very little to be unhappy with.

The main positives for me are the front and rear facing cameras giving your child the best of both worlds, a nice selection of decent games, a strap for added peace of mind, a zoom wheel facility, a USB cable enabling you to upload to your computer and superb navigation.

On the negative front and the only thing I can see which great is that it only takes 4 x AA batteries. There isn’t an adapter or any facility for charging, but you can get in to the compartments with ease and without the need of a screwdriver.

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Gone Fishin Game Review

This isn’t a play with words but fishin is quite correct as part of the title and not fishing. This is a game for all ages in opinion and can offer the family hours of entertainment, although the downside (if there is one) is that, it can only be played by 2 players at a time for obvious reasons.

My 3 year old boy keeps asking to play it and that’s nearly every day and five weeks after we bought him the game. So far so good you might think 🙂 I just hope he’ll be still asking to play the game six months or even a year from now and it won’t become another dust collector?

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Barbecue Party Game Review

There are many decent toys and board games in the marketplace , but how many offer real value it terms of what they offer you and your children? The barbecue party game I feel should be mentioned in a positive light. My only concern is that my boy may eventually tire of the game and it will end up collecting dust on the shelve 🙁

We’ve been playing this nearly ever day for the last five weeks and it just continues to give us hours of fun. We tend to play it for 1 to 2 hours at a time and I feel that is long enough for this type of game as each competition only lass for about 5 minutes, so 12+ games of it is long enough in my opinion.

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Egg Fried Rice Made Easy

In your quest for making the perfect egg fried rice, it can be an easy process if you look in the right places. I’ve created my own You Tube video (see below) of how to do and without all of the bells and whistles that usually comes with these type of videos.

1. Boil water in a pan
2. Add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of rice per person
3. Boil and then simmer for 10/15 minutes
4. Leave for 3/4 hours
5. Pour a bit of olive oil in your frying pan
6. Add one whisked egg to the heated pan
7. Chop egg in to small bits
8. Pour in the boiled rice and mix
9. Sprinkle dark soy sauce After about 3 minutes
10. Serve after 5 minutes

I’ve seen a couple of folk just boiling the rice and then placing it straight in to a wok and/or frying pan? How dumb is that! You’re basically leaving the rice in a paste like form with all of the starch still intact and therefore ti will be sticky, harder to cook and more likely to burn once you start the frying process. Don’t take shortcuts! Leave the rice to settle for at least 3 hours which removes most of the starch and carbohydrates. It also allows you to cook the rice with ease, as it will be less sticky and will take the heat of the frying pan or wok much easier.

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Manifestation Machine

Manifestation Machine is a global personal growth and development brand and a worldwide community of like-minded, success-oriented individuals willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams and create a life worth dying for.

Cory Groshek is an author/blogger, investor, musician/entertainer, consumer rights advocate, metaphysician, and founder/CEO of Manifestation Machine. He is also known in the music industry as Cory Crush and considered an expert on intermittent fasting in the YouTube fitness community as Low Carb Cory. His debut book, ‘Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series’, an action-adventure/fantasy novel intended to teach children ages 9-12 the value of dreaming big, taking risks, trusting their gut, and choosing faith over fear, was published via Manifestation Machine Books in December of 2016 and is now available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback.

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Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series

Life is hard in the poverty-stricken village of Rabylon, where rabbits work every day from sun up to sun down, earning just enough carrots to survive—except for Mayor Monty Cottonsworth III, who lives in the lap of luxury as his villagers starve. Twin bunnies Remy and Rhea, fed up with working so long and so hard with nothing to show for it, desperately desire a better life, but don’t know how to achieve it. Just when they are about to give up hope, they are inspired by the story of a mythical carrot paradise that may exist on the other side of a big, green hill outside of their village. Now they face the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make: Do they “play it safe” by staying in Rabylon and settle for a life of lack, loss, and limitation? Or do they risk it all—up to and including their lives—on the chance that out there somewhere is a life worth dying for?

Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series’ is the first book by founder and acclaimed anti-hero Cory Groshek. Following in the footsteps of classics like “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” and drawing comparisons to acclaimed novels ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Watership Down’, this timeless children’s tale is not only highly entertaining, but highly educational as well, with the stated aim of teaching children and parents alike the value of dreaming big, taking risks, trusting their gut, and choosing faith over fear in everything they do.

If you or your child is a fan of action-adventure fantasy series like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, then you and they will absolutely love the Rabylon series. And it is Cory Groshek’s sincerest hope that, by the time you are finished reading it, you will come to know what he learned through the writing of this enchanting little book, which is that “if you truly believe in something—that is, if you care enough about it to not just dream about it, but to do something about it—your belief will bring it to you”.

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House Cleaning Franchise

Buying a house cleaning franchise is the best way to start a house cleaning service in today’s competitive market. Purple Forté has launched a new approach to franchising. The company offers the competitive house cleaning franchise package; unlike its competitors, Purple Forté bets on your experience and knowledge of the house cleaning industry to help you be a successful business owner.

A unique characteristic of this franchisor is the fact that it targets people that currently work in the house cleaning industry to launch its successful plan to every house cleaning franchise in the United Stated; for now, according to the company’s founder, Fortino Barajas. When a company offers to invest over $20,000 US dollars on your experience, you know the company means business.

Explore Purple Forté’s website and learn if you can benefit from their business model.

House Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning services, Maids by Trade exceeds all expectations. The company is based in beautiful Portland Oregon. Recently, the company open its newest territory in the United States. The new franchise is located in Tucson Arizona just one hundred plus miles south of the famous Phoenix. Meet Celia, the business owner in Tucson.

What’s great about Maids by Trade is the fact that the company offers a large database of cleaning tips, cleaning facts and other information around the house cleaning industry. The brand aims at establishing the local office as a solid and reputable business. So far, the company has managed obtaining a great reputation for its services; just like the main office in Portland Oregon, where the company enjoys the title as “The Most Reviewed Cleaning Service in the Pacific Northwest.

See it for yourself and visit Maids by Trade of Tucson, the company that was built on a spotless reputation.