Help Fight Climate Change

Do you believe that climate change is a major issue?

Consider this:
The global temperature has already warmed 0.7-1.5°C over the past hundred years.Not only does this affect global weather, agriculture and biodiversity, but subsequently the sea-level is rising at a pace that is 50 percent faster than the last century, due to melting ice caps.


What is the most effective way to fight global warming? Saving our world’s forests.

Deforestation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions each year, increasing the climate shift we are now experiencing.
Now the question is: “Would you like to earn benefits and rewards for helping to save forests?”


Get PAID to SAVE Forests! We welcome you to become an Eco-Warrior, helping us stop rampant deforestation. In the process you are giving the planet a new lease on life.


By helping save our precious forests and natural resources you can make a handsome passive,ongoing income because we reward you for your contributions and green behaviour.

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New Launch at Sims Drive

New Launch properties in singapore


  • Properties in singapore
    singapore properties
    new condos in Singapore
    Sims drive new condo
    New condo by guocoland
    Near Aljunied MRT Station
    B2 food industrial site
    use as central kitchen
    Mandai foodlink
    rare b2 food hub
    industrial properties in singapore
    b2 food buh by lian beng


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Chaga Tea

ChiChaga carefully selects its 100% Canadian Chaga deep in the forest and extract it from the tree without damaging it and allowing it to regrow. We then immediately process it so it doesn’t lose its goodness. The mushroom its kept in chunks to preserve quality and nutrients.

Chaga mushroom ( Inonotus obliquus )

Did you know that chaga grows in 1 out of 11.000 birch trees ?

Did you know chaga is used for

Anti-aging • Anti-allergic • Anti-bacterial • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-microbial • Anti-oxidant • Anti-tumor • Anti-viral • Arthritis • Asthma • Bacterial Diseases • Blood Pressure High (Hypertension) • Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) • Blood Purification • Bronchitis • Candidiasis (yeast) • Cardio-Vascular • Crohn’s Disease (CD) • Diabetes • Fungal Growth • Gastritis • Heart Disease • Hepatoprotective • HIV • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma • Immune Support / Enhancer • Influenza • Intestinal Worms • Kidney Tonic • Lower Cholesterol • Liver / Hepatitis • Pain Relief • Parasites • Parotid gland • Pulmonary Diseases • Skin Ailments • Stomach Ailments • Stomach Disease • Tuberculosis • Ulcerative Colitis • DNA Repair


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Custom Full Color 3D Printed Phone Cases

Win an iPad Mini w/ Retina Display enter our “Numero Uno” Phone Case design contest.


Our focus is on high quality, specialized printing that can be applied to almost any surface and we offer the ability to create raised surfaces from vector elements on existing products, a brand new technology that is exclusive to Treofab. The challenge of being a part of the fast paced industry of technology is that while we see a revolution in how things work, we have yet to see a any large change in how technology looks on a case by case basis.


This is where Treofab excels, offering our particular expertise in adapting the cookie cutter designs that can be found worldwide into something that is one in a million and unique to every individual.

Custom Full Color 3D Printed Phone Cases

The Ultimate Click Tracking Software For Marketers –

The #1 click tracking, link tracking and link cloaking software for affiliates and internet marketers. Track clicks, cloak affiliate links and get real time statistics and web analytics to help increase online conversions.


The Ultimate Click Tracking Software For Marketers –

Pillow For Ear Pain

My name is Judy and I am based in the United Kingdom and make pillows and pillowcases with a hole to order for customers anywhere in the world.


I’ve designed all of the pillows myself and as a fellow side sleeper and sufferer of ear pain I can empathise with every one of you. I know with confidence that my pillows work. They give relief from chronic ear pain and sore ears, and they quicken the healing process after surgery.

The hole is ear sized and surrounds the sensitive area comfortably. There is no pressure on your ear at all.


My Pillow With A Hole has been successful in alleviating pain for a number of conditions, and I have many grateful customers sending thank you notes.

Each individual Pillow With A Hole is both hand and machine sewn. The same with my Pillowcase With a Hole.

Wishing all my existing customers and customers to be, a peaceful nights sleep

Sweet dreams.

J x

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