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Givon Wayne’s Books and Publications Spotlight

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Aug. 4th 2014: Author Givon Wayne has written an amazing piece of literature with his newest release “Cooka-Mamma-Fobio”. This E-book is a humorous collection of 10 fanciful stories that children and adults will love.


Givon’s book is loosely based on the early childhood of Givon Wayne and his younger sister, Trena Kay. They spent a few years growing up on a small farm located on the outskirts of Odessa, TX. Life was much different in 1973. There were no cell phones, seat-belts or video games. Freedom and boredom were the seeds of creativity, and these two kids had plenty of opportunity for both.

This book is a must read that you are sure to recommend to friends and family. It is available now via the iTunes store.

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Intuitive Inventory Management

LoMag Inventory Management is the key to ensure full and secure control over the managed warehouses at your company. The tool has been designed to enable the user to manage inventories in a simple and intuitive manner and to have insight into the actual stock levels form the assembly post.


Features which make our warehouse software stand out:

– Simple, transparent interface making the user’s work easier.
– Compatibility with all Windows versions, fast and efficient operation thanks to the employment of the latest Microsoft .Net technology and optimisation of the program code.
– “Single mouse-click” creation of documents such as goods received and issued notes, returns from suppliers and customers, internal goods received and issued notes, corrections, discounts, transfers and others.
– Possibility of adjusting the program configuration to your needs, e.g. you can turn off/on the support of prices, accounts, and other settings.
– Support of data collectors, label printers and barcodes.
– Support of many warehouses, operation in a network.


Our inventory management program is great for all kinds of enterprises. Its potential is realised in full in trading, service and production companies. It will be indispensible in construction, food, electronics, polygraphy and many other types of enterprises.

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